February 24, 2020

Moving And Pests: How To Prepare Yourself Appropriately For New Home?

most common pests in house

Moving process is never easy and can be stressful sometimes especially when you move to the city that you have never visited. While you are busy with packing things up and labeling, you might skip one crucial thing: checking for pests in your new home. We talked to professionals from https://www.bestmiamipestcontrolservice.com/ who told us a few crucial tips that we all need to keep in mind to make sure our new home is free from pests, as well as that we do not get these insects in our new home.

What are the most common pests you can encounter in a new house?

While you never can be 100% sure about this, you can do a few tips to decrease this possibility. We will discover a few things later, but for now, what are the most common insects you could encounter? These are:

  • Cockroaches
  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas.

The first group is cockroaches that you can usually recognize by small egg cases and these are often found in the places where you feel the musty smell. The bedbugs, on the other hand, are not bigger than an apple seed and will always live under your mattress, or eventually in a closet. The fleas are probably the worst type as these are small, almost invisible to the naked eye. These jump and can be often found under carpets, on our pets or even in beds sometimes. Now, when you know the three most common types of pests that you can find in your new home you can easily recognize these and react properly.

Make sure you do not carry these with your belongings

Before you pack things up, make sure that there are no any of these inside your boxes as you will only transfer them from one place to another one. You can use zip plastic bags to store everything inside and prevent the insects from entering in case these are present in your old house. These can be hiding in your linens, clothing, towels or even in rugs and mattresses. If you had earlier problems with these, it would be wise not to take your rugs with you in the new home. Instead, buy a new one or buy yourself a new mattress. It would cost you less to get a new one than to call the pest control service and still be afraid of whether these stayed somewhere.

linens, clothing, towels

Disinfect your old house before moving

The safest way to eliminate the possibility of carrying the insects with you in the new home is to disinfect the old house where you live before you pack things up. Call the professional service, clean every single corner of your house, wash your things twice, pack everything in the zip bags and double-check! If you notice any insects, it is likely you will catch some of these in your belongings. To avoid packing things up twice, make sure to double-check that your house is free from the cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs!

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